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Speakers Bureau

Need a Speaker?

CONTACT Lancaster Helpline Speaker's Bureau

Attention Service Clubs and Church, Civic and School Groups!

One of the community services offered by CONTACT Lancaster Helpline is a competent, enthusiastic, and available Speaker's Bureau.

As you plan your upcoming programs or need a speaker for an evening or daytime slot, please call or e-mail CONTACT Lancaster Helpline.

Our programs are free of charge and vary in length according to your needs.

Programs are listed below with content, format and approximate length of time.

I. What is CONTACT Lancaster Helpline?
  • 1/2 hour presentation.
  • includes 12 minute video describing this service
  • Includes history of organization, kinds of calls received, and how to become a volunteer.
  • Questions and Answer Time
II. Teen Line - How to Help a Suicidal Friend
  • One hour presentation.
  • Suited for teen or adult audiences.
  • Includes a gripping 20 minute video.
  • Includes description of depression, causes and types.
  • How to respond to a depressed or suicidal friend.
III. What is Kids-Line?
  • Twenty minute presentation.
  • Geared for school and classroom setting.
  • Focus ages (K - 5th grade).
  • Teaches children the difference between 911 and Kids-Line.
  • Tells children what to expect when they call Kids-Line.
IV. What is Reassurance CONTACT?
  • 1/2 hour presentation.
  • Includes 12 minute video.
  • Focuses on how the elderly may receive Reassurance CONTACT's daily check-up call.

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