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Helpline ImageSince 1975, CONTACT Lancaster Helpline has provided a "caring presence " to the residents of Lancaster County through the operation of what had been a 24-hour Telephone Help Center. In this age of voice mail, automated message and e-mail, people in crisis search for personal contact, a listening ear and caring heart

In 2003, after 28 years of affiliation, CONTACT Lancaster Helpline left the umbrella of the Lancaster County Council of Churches (LCCC). As of July 1, 2004, CONTACT Lancaster Helpline operates as a program of the Community Action Program of Lancaster County (CAP).

In the Phone Center, experienced, well-trained volunteers respond with non-judgmental empathy to callers. All calls to the main number are confidential, anonymous and free of charge.


No one chooses the time or place to have a problem. In the midst of a difficult or overwhelming situation, a person may feel desperate and abandoned. CONTACT Lancaster Helpline is an accessible, and sometimes lifesaving resource. The CONTACT Lancaster Helpline Phone Center is a safe place to vent frustrations and hurts, explore options, or ask for a referral. CONTACT Lancaster Helpline volunteers will initiate interventions in life-threatening situations.

Anyone can call CONTACT Lancaster Helpline with any concern at any time. Calls come from mothers overwhelmed by family stresses, men and women struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, overwhelmed professionals, lonely retirees, persons trapped by financial difficulties and those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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